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Better Worktops - Perfect Kitchen Worktops for Your Home

When it comes to selecting the perfect kitchen worktops for your home, Better Worktops offers an unbeatable range that combines both style and functionality. Among the choices, the timeless elegance of Real Wood worktops continues to be a popular pick for those seeking a warm and natural aesthetic.

For a contemporary touch, you might opt for the sleek Axiom and Prima ranges by Formica. These laminates replicate the beauty of natural materials, making them an incredibly versatile option for modern kitchens. Furthermore, if minimalism is your preference, our 12mm slim solid laminate worktops are ideal; not only do they create a clean and seamless look but they are also durable and easy to maintain.

With Better Worktops, you have an array of options to create the kitchen of your dreams while ensuring quality and style.


Quality laminate worktops from the leading brands.

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Solid Laminate

Luxury 12mm thick solid Laminate Worktops.

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Real Wood

Enjoy the warmth and character of real wood.

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Solid Surface

True luxury with seamless joints and moulded sinks.

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FENIX NTM®, an innovative smart material designed for modern living.

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Worktop Samples

Order samples of your favourite worktop to view in your own home.

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Worktop Accessories

Adhesives and Fittings for all types of worktops.

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