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Discover the perfect blend of style, durability, and affordability with our exquisite range of laminates from leading brands Axiom and Prima by Formica.

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Explore Axiom, your online destination for premium, durable surfaces. Discover our wide selection of designs, materials, and finishes, tailored to meet the demands of both aesthetic appeal and functional longevity.

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Solid Laminate

These innovative worktops are uniquely crafted from multiple layers of high-quality laminate material, resulting in a substantial 12mm thickness.

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Real Wood

With their unique aesthetics, heat-resistance and durability, these countertops offer great value for money.

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Solid Surface

Crafted to complement contemporary lifestyles, these robust worktops boast impressive durability and resistance to stains.

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FENIX is an innovative, smart material designed for contemporary living. High performance, low maintenance and extremely durable.


Welcome to Better Worktops

A subsidiary of the Better brand! We're one of the largest online kitchen retailers in the UK , established in 2006. From humble beginnings in a refurbished cow shed, our family-owned business has grown and expanded into a leading kitchen worktops supplier for kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. We're delighted to offer an extensive range designed for the ambitious DIY homeowner and skilled tradesperson alike.

Our product range includes:

  • Axiom-worktops & Prima Worktops
  • Real wood worktops like Oak Worktops , Walnut , Beech
  • Eco-friendly Bamboo worktops
  • Robust 12mm thick Solid Laminates and Solid Surface worktops
  • The elegance of Fenix

We also provide a variety of sinks, taps, and worktop accessories to help you achieve the exact look and functionality you're dreaming of. Whether you're working to a shoestring budget or sparing no expense for the ultimate in luxury, we've got the perfect solution for you.

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What makes Better Worktops better? 

We believe in offering top-quality products at affordable prices. By allowing our customers to take control of their own design and installation, we keep costs down without compromising on quality. While we've evolved since our cow shed days, one thing has remained constant – our commitment to excellent customer service.

Utilising a responsive ticketing support system, we've consistently earned positive reviews for our customer support. We've also partnered with a leading worktop distributor to provide a unique two-person delivery service - a convenience rarely offered by competitors, but essential for heavy items. Serving the entire mainland UK, we ensure that our customers can shop and receive their dream work tops with ease, be it through online ordering, in-store purchases, delivery or in-store pick-up.

Join the ranks of DIY enthusiasts and tradespeople who have chosen Better Worktops for their projects. Find 'better' quality, 'better' service, and 'better' value as we help you transform your house into a home.

Start exploring our range of worktops online or visit our large two-storey showroom with 28 full displays today.

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Reasons to buy Better

At, we are dedicated to helping you transform your space. We understand the importance of a functional yet stylish kitchen that reflects your personality and accommodates your daily needs. We offer an extensive range of high-quality countertops that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space, but also promise durability and practicality. 

Our commitment is to ensure that you find the perfect worktop solution for your project. To do this, we supply a wide range of materials and brands, promising resilience and longevity. Our collection includes the incredibly popular Axioma and Prima laminate by Formica, that beautifully mimic the look of natural stone or wood, without the associated cost or maintenance. Available in lots of standard sizes including upstand and splashbacks For the eco-friendly homeowners, we offer real solid wood sizes in Oak, Ash, Walnut and Bamboo that add an elegant and natural touch to your kitchen. 

We also provide the pioneering Fenix that are renowned for their ultra-matte surfaces, and their remarkable thermal healing abilities. If you're after a modern, seamless look, our Solid Surface could be your perfect match. And, if you're looking for a touch of luxury, our fully installed Quartz tops certainly carry the wow-factor and are designed to last a lifetime. 

At, we understand that each individual has distinct style preferences and budgetary requirements. Mirroring this understanding, we strive to provide expert guidance and affordable solutions to help you find a worktop that genuinely suits your style, without breaking the bank. Be it a cutting-edge contemporary design or a timeless classic, we believe in delivering only the best for our customers. So, prepare to fall in love with your cooking space all over again with

Our selection caters to a myriad of styles and budgets, giving you the liberty to find the perfect match for your home. 

Are you in search of a modern yet durable worktop solution? Look no further than our Axioma and Prima laminate worktop by Formica collection. These incredibly resilient surfaces combine beauty and practicality, setting a timeless tone for your kitchen work surfaces while promising long-lasting durability. 

If you're after an au naturel look, then our real solid wood are an ideal choice. We present a diverse range of well-crafted surfaces in Oak, Ash, Walnut, and Bamboo, each offering its unique charm and warmth. Powerful in their simplicity, these real woods can transform your space into a cosy and inviting space. 

For those who love an avant-garde aesthetic, we offer a collection of Fenix. Offering a chic and elegant look, Fenix are a marvellous way to make a bold statement in your culinary work space. 

We also showcase a vast variety of Solid Surface. Their sleek, seamless look can add a touch of sophistication to your preparation zone while being incredibly resistant and easy to maintain. 

When you wish for nothing but the highest quality, our Fully installed Quartz tops are second to none. Available in a variety of striking hues, Quartz tops exude luxury and are resistant to most household hazards like scratches, impact, and heat. 

Whether you're aspiring for a full renovation or simply looking to refresh the existing setup, is your ideal destination for finding the right products. Let us help you build kitchens of your dreams. 

When it comes to combining style with affordability, Axioma and Prima laminate kitchen worktops by Formica stand unparalleled. Not only do they offer an impressive selection of finishes, but they are also crafted with durability and practicality in mind. With a high-quality representation of marble, wood, and other textured patterns, these kitchen tops are crafted to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. 

Axioma, a crown jewel in any modern design offer an exquisite combination of design, durability, and affordability. Its varied finishes - from classic wood to premium stone - allow you to personalise your space without compromise. 

In contrast, Prima laminate offer an extraordinary touch of elegance. Available in a range of stylish finishes, Prima inject a bespoke, luxury look into your life at a fraction of the cost of similar looking surfaces. 

At, we understand you may have specific desires and requirements. Therefore, we offer a wide range of edge profiles and finishing choices. From a simple square-cut edge to complex designs, you can fully customise yourcountertop to align with your vision. 

While both Axioma and Prima laminate are designed with high resistance to heat and scratches, routine care and maintenance will enhance their lifespan. To help you in this endeavour, we provide comprehensive care and maintenance guides with every purchase. 

Why Choose 

As a leading supplier of quality countertops in the UK, we provide hassle-free delivery, ensuring your product arrives at your doorstep in perfect condition. When you choose, you're investing in top-quality surfaces. Remember, a beautiful kitchen is more than just a room; it's a space where memories are made around the table. Let us help you create that perfect space with the best Axioma and Prima by Formica.

When it comes to adding a touch of elegance and timeless beauty to your kitchen, nothing quite compares to the allure of real wood. At, we offer a stunning selection of these worktops crafted from various types of wood such as Oak, Ash, Walnut and Bamboo. Each one holds a unique charm, adding a warm, inviting ambience to any design. 

Our Oaktops are known for their incredible strength and durability, making them perfect for withstanding the demands of the hustle and bustle of modern family life. The captivating grain patterns and rich colour variations of oak bring a natural aesthetic that will undoubtedly elevate your interior. 

Consider our Ash worktops if you're on the lookout for wood with light tones and pronounced grain. Ash wood exhibits an airy charm while also offering excellent durability, making it a great choice for both traditional and modern designs. 

The Walnut countertops we supply exude a sense of luxury with their distinctive dark tones and complex grain patterns. Perfect for creating a sophisticated centrepiece in your kitchen, they are as sturdy as they are stylish. 

Or perhaps, you're interested in a more sustainable option? Our Bamboo options might just catch your eye. With their unique appearance and exceptional hardness, Bamboo offers an eco-friendly alternative without compromising on beauty or functionality. 

Moreover, also provides a full bespoke cut service, allowing you to customise your chosen boards to fit perfectly into your style. We understand that each kitchen is different and unique, and we believe your work top should be, too!

Selecting a real wood top from our collection not only enhances your kitchen's visual appeal, but it also provides a reliable and sturdy work surface for all your culinary projects. Now, isn't it time to give your home the revamp it deserves?

Fenix worktops are well-renowned for their forward-thinking design and unparalleled durability. These are not your ordinary countertops, Fenix work tops introduce you to an innovative aesthetic that is both stylish and ultra-modern. is proud to provide these cutting-edge worktops tailored for the contemporary UK households. But what makes these stand out? Let's delve into the unique features. 

  • High-tech Material: Fenix are not just about looks. They are made from advanced nanotech material that offers superior resistance against scratches, abrasion, dry heat, and acid-based solvents. Making them stay pristine and maintains its flawless allure.
  • Anti-fingerprint Surface: Keeping them clean can be a full-time job, but not with Fenix. The unique anti-fingerprint technology helps keep your them spotlessly clean, with minimum effort.
  • Easy Repair: Should an accident happen, the thermal repairability of a Fenix allows for easy fixing of micro-scratches. It's the perfect blend of function and sophistication.

Offering a broad palette of colours, Fenix tops integrate seamlessly into any design, from minimalistic to sophisticated. The rich matte finish exudes luxury, turning your kitchen into a piece of art. 

With, getting your hands on a sleek, stylish, and strong Fenix is a breeze. Experience the perfect collision of cutting-edge technology and high-end design with our selection of Fenix. Revamp your kitchen now, make a statement.

If it's a sleek and seamless look you're after for your kitchen, solid surface offered by are an excellent choice. Designed for the modern and minimalist look, these tops offer a beautifully smooth and resilient surface. 

Their non-porous nature means they are hygienic, resistant to stains, and easy to maintain. They are custom-made, allowing for integrated sinks and a seamless finish that is perfect for contemporary kitchens. 

Advantages of Solid Surface Worktops 

  • Non-porous: Incredibly resistant to bacteria and staining, making it a hygienic choice for your home.
  • Highly durable: Withstand the everyday wear and tear of family activities.
  • Easy to clean: Simply wipe down with a damp cloth and mild detergent.
  • Customisable: They can be shaped and styled to meet your specific design requirements.

Find out and take advantage in the perks of incorporating solid surface by into your space. There's a perfect top waiting for your unique style and budget! 

The Range of Solid Surface

Worktop Style Description
Classic White A timeless piece, this colour elevates any kitchen’s aesthetic sense with its clean and elegant design.
Marble Effect With the luxury of marble minus the maintenance, you’re treated to a high-end look.
Metallic Grey For those who desire a modern industrial edge, this style is superb.
Pastel Shades A soft touch of pastel can add a delightful pop of colour to your kitchen.

Are you ready to upgrade your kitchen experience with Discover your perfect solid surface today!

We believe that everyone deserves a kitchen that not only functions efficiently but also, reflects their unique taste and style. We know that choosing the right one is a critical decision in any refurbishment project. That's why we provide an extensive range of quality tops, covering a diverse spectrum of colours, textures, and materials, all to match your style and finances. 

We are proud to supply top-of-the-range laminates from standard sizes to breakfast bar worktops from renowned brands such as Axioma and Prima. These are a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and attractive designs, enabling you to create a modern, sophisticated home without compromising on budget. 

If you prefer a more natural aesthetic, our selection of Real wood is just for you. Available in woods such as Oak, Ash, Walnut, and Bamboo, these worktops imbue your kitchen with a warm and inviting feel. 

We also offer high-tech Fenix, renowned for their resilient surfaces, and a choice of Solid Surface for those seeking a seamless finish. For those looking for the flawless, luxurious appeal, our fully installed Quartz perfectly fit the bill. Superior in quality, these worktops add a touch of elegance and unparalleled style when used with matching worktop upstands. 

Remember, a good product is an investment. It's not just about aesthetics – it also needs to withstand daily use and stand the test of time. So, don't cut corners when it comes to choosing your kitchen worktop. Let help you find a product that checks all your boxes and the price, and makes your cooking space the true heart of your home.

Our Trade Partners

Choosing the Right Worktop for Your Kitchen:  A Comprehensive Guide for the UK Homeowner

When planning your dream kitchen, one of the most critical decisions you will make is choosing the right worktop product. Your choice will significantly impact the style, functionality, and sustainability. In this guide, we delve into the ins and outs of different types of countertops, helping you make an informed decision.

As eco-consciousness becomes increasingly vital, many homeowners now gravitate towards sustainable kitchen solutions. Bamboo worktops stand out for their eco-friendly characteristics. These worktops are renewable, biodegradable, and durable, making them an excellent choice for the environmentally-conscious homeowner.

There's a wide array of worktop products in the market, but quartz worktops have gained popularity for their superior durability. Quartz worktops are not only stylish but also resistant to scratches and stains. Axiom Worktops provide a comprehensive range of quartz worktops that combine longevity with aesthetics.

Oak worktops are indeed a worthwhile choice for those seeking a classic, warm aesthetic in their kitchen. They are durable and versatile, seamlessly blending with various kitchen styles. However, they do require regular maintenance to keep their lustre. Explore a wide selection of Solid Wood tops, including oak, at Better Worktops.

When budget is a key consideration, laminate worktops offer the most cost-effective solution. These come in a vast range of colours and patterns, mimicking more expensive materials like granite or wood. Check out our low price for affordable yet high-quality options.

Stain resistance is crucial, especially for those who love cooking. Here, quartz shines again. Its non-porous nature makes it highly resistant to staining. If you fancy a change, Prima by Formica Worktops also offer exceptional stain resistance and style.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your needs, budget, and aesthetic preferences. Consider all these factors, and you'll be well on your way to choosing a design that transforms your kitchen into a practical, stylish, and sustainable space.