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Prima Worktops by Formica

Unleash the perfect blend of style and durability for your kitchen surfaces,
bringing timeless elegance and practicality to your culinary haven.

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Formica Prima®
Worktop Collection

Are you in search of a kitchen that merges enduring quality with aesthetic charm? The Formica Prima® Collection introduces a splendid range of 34 worktops and ten corresponding splashbacks, blending sophistication with practicality seamlessly.

Encompassing delicate wooden tones to warm stone hues and solid shades, this exceptional collection of designs is custom-tailored to harmonise with every kitchen space. It integrates the latest trends and personal tastes into the heart of your home.


Each worktop boasts an impressive thickness of 38mm, adorned with a smoothly curved edge. The Formica Prima® Collection caters to any size requirement with worktops provided in 4.1m and 3m lengths, along with matching splashbacks and upstands. Each of the five unique textures has been thoughtfully curated for every worktop, lending a sense of realism and tactile engagement that beautifully enhances each design.

In essence, you can maintain your focus on the most important task: conceptualising and actualising the perfect look for your brand new kitchen

Transform your envisioned kitchen into reality with Prima.

Explore Formica Prima's vibrant and diverse colour options to find your kitchen's perfect match. With a spectrum that caters to every taste, your ideal kitchen hue is just a selection away.

Formica Prima Wood Series

The wood grain selection at Prima Worktops is truly distinctive. With each piece reflecting the captivating allure of nature, it promises to bring warmth and a touch of rustic elegance to your kitchen space.

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Formica Prima Stone Collection

Discover Prima's Stone Collection, where light, warm, and dark tones converge in exquisite harmony. Elevate your kitchen design with timeless elegance and find your perfect Prima stone today.

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Formica Prima Engineered

Unveil the allure of Prima's Engineered Colour Collection, boasting an array of captivating metal effects and solid hues. Elevate your kitchen design with modern sophistication and discover your ideal engineered colour today.

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Formica Prima Splashbacks

Elevate your fresh, new kitchen with the Prima range of 34 matching splashbacks, available in a height of 1210mm. Experience unparalleled functionality, luxury, and style for a truly exceptional culinary space.

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Formica Prima Product Characteristics

The complete Formica Prima® Collection not only excels in aesthetics but also masterfully fuses elegant design with exceptional practicality.

  • Long-lasting
  • Surface resistant to water
  • Resilient against stains
  • Highly hygienic
  • Effortless to maintain
  • Uncomplicated installation

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