website(6,) Grigio Londra - 39mm Bonded FENIX NTM Worktops
Grigio Londra - 39mm Bonded FENIX NTM Worktops

Grigio Londra - 39mm Bonded FENIX NTM Worktops

  • 39mm Bonded FENIX Worktop Options Price
    3000mm X 635mm X 39mm £ 486.47
    £ 364.85

    ( £ 304.04 Ex. Vat)

    3000mm X 900mm X 39mm £ 699.72
    £ 524.80

    ( £ 437.33 Ex. Vat)

£ 0.00 £ 0.00

( £ 0.00 Ex. Vat)

364.85 GBP Large Item WEX_FNX_3000_635_39_GRI_LON

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Redefine your kitchen design with FENIX NTM®, an innovative smart material designed for contemporary living. By utilising next-generation acrylic resins and an in-house electron beam curing process, Bonded FENIX NTM® worktops are as technically excellent as they are beautiful. These Bonded FENIX NTM® worktops have extremely low light reflectivity that results in breath-taking ultra-matt aesthetics.

FENIX NTM® is made using a proprietary technology that creates a surface which is soft to the touch and anti-fingerprint, providing a luxurious centrepiece for your kitchen with a premium feel that only requires simple everyday care. The thermal-healing properties of FENIX NTM® allows you to repair superficial micro-scratches.

Length: 3m

Thickness: 39mm

Width: 635mm or 900mm

Material: FENIX NTM

Finish: Ultra Matt

Finished Edges: Square Edge. All 635mm wide Worktops come with one finished long edge and two finished short edges. All 900mm wide worktops come with two finished long edges and one finished short edge

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