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4 Steps for a smooth kitchen delivery and installation

We recommend that you follow our 4 steps below to ensure that your kitchen delivery and installation commences as smoothly as possible. Not adhering to these processes could be costly and may create delays.

TWe're here to help and if you have questions regarding any of these steps, please speak with a member of our sales team today!

Step 1: Getting ready for your delivery

Depending on the type of delivery that you have chosen, there are certain safety requirements that we need you to adhere to on the day of delivery, they are as follows:
Standard Delivery (1 man)
This is our most common delivery type for complete kitchen orders.
Requirements: As this is a 1 Man delivery service and to adhere to health and safety regulations, we require you to supply 2 able bodied persons onsite on the day of delivery to lift the items from the back of the delivery van and into the property.
Failure to supply the required help will mean your delivery will need to be rescheduled and the subsequent delivery will incur a additional delivery charge.
Premium Delivery (2 man)
Our premium service is great if you're unable to arrange for extra help to be onsite. The Driver and mate will lift the items into a ground floor room of your choice.
Requirements: Only one person is required to be onsite on the day of delivery and they will be responsible for checking the quantities of items and signing any delivery notes.
Important Note: As kitchen units, worktops & appliances are very heavy and cumbersome, we also advise that you cover any walls or floors so that they do not get damaged during the delivery process.*

Step 2: The day of delivery

Our intention is to deliver your kitchen on the day that is specified on your order confirmation email, but there are occasions when we may need to arrange a Follow-on delivery. Follow-on deliveries may be required for several reasons.
These include scenarios where your installer/fitter has discovered an unforeseen issue and needs extra items to complete your installation, or in the unfortunate event that an item on your order is delayed or has failed our quality control procedures.
We will always aim to expedite Add-on orders, Delayed or Remedial items and despatch them on an Express Delivery Service where possible.
Important Note: If you are planning to employ a kitchen fitter then we advise waiting until your kitchen has been delivered in full. We also advise that you inform your Installer/Fitter of our Follow-on delivery process so they can plan their time accordingly and that their quotation allows for any potential contingencies.*

Step 3: Checking your order

We have a good reputation for delivering items in good order but we understand that damages can sometimes occur during the delivery of a new kitchen. In the event that this happens on your order then we will need to know the details of damages within 48hrs of the delivery to minimise delays and further costs to yourself.
As above, we will always aim to expedite Extras, Delayed or Remedial items and despatch them on an Express Delivery Service where possible.

Step 4: Getting ready for installation

At this point your order should be complete with any follow-on items being processed and on their way to you.
The next step is is making sure that the installer/fitter has the correct set of kitchen plans. This is one of our most common causes for confusion and the result is a kitchen that is trying to be installed using the incorrect set of plans. This not only slows down the installation but can prove costly as replacement items may need to be ordered.
If we have produced kitchen plans for you, the Final Plan will be referenced on your order, please ensure that your installer/fitter has these correct set of Final Plans.
Please ask our sales team if you require an extra copy of your Final Plans.
* Better Kitchens Ltd will not be liable for costs of damages to property during the delivery process. Better Kitchens Ltd will cover the costs of any products purchased from Better Kitchens Ltd that are damaged during the delivery process. Please note that painted products and kitchen units will have a longer remedial time due to production and painting processes. *** As we are a supply only company, Better Kitchens Ltd shall not be liable for any third party fitting costs.